Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Went For a Bike Ride!

Earlier I posted my running schedule for this week.  I originally had Wednesday as a rest day, but I was getting antsy and wanted to do SOMETHING physical.  I knew running wouldn't bee a good idea because I didn't want to injure my knee or anything, so I got out the good Ole bicycle.

Now, just like I am no expert in running, I am no expert in cycling.  I just decided I would ride for 30 minutes and a brisk pace and see how far I got.  I ended up getting 6 miles, which I didn't think was too bad!  I know that cross training is good idea when training for longer distances, but I was wondering if there is a best way to do it, and if there are any good things to do on a bike that helps increase stamina/speed when running.  If you know, it would be awesome if you left a comment to let me know!

Well, I am off for the night, I will be running 2 miles tomorrow, with my new shoes, on the pavement.  Wish me luck!


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