Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Phew, what a run!

Today wasn't too eventful of a Wednesday, I woke up, hung out with my girlfriend and family, went to dinner, watched a little so you think you can dance, and went for my run!  Sadly, in this Texas heat you can really only run before the sun comes up, or after it goes down.  Today I didn't feel like getting up early, so I decided to wait until this evening when the temperature was around 80.  I strapped on my shoes, grabbed my Camelbak, and went for an hour jog.

No certain distance, just going for an hour was my only criteria.

The first 40 minutes were not to bad, seeing that I haven't been running consistently for a while now, but then around 42 minutes in, I started to feel it.  I shouldn't have eaten so much at dinner!  at around 50 minutes I actually had to stop and walk for a minute to regain my focus, then I finished strong!  I am not to worried that I walked a little bit, I am just in my first week of training and I have a while to go!

Tomorrow is a 4 mile jog, and I might go to a cross-fit gym my mom has been going to for the past couple of months, I hear its a great way to build endurance.

Happy running!

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