Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tagging, Updates, and Football Oh My!

To start off I was tagged in a previous bloggers post, and I said I would do it as well.  Well I am keeping my word so here it is!  The rules are I post 7 random facts about myself, then I tag 7 other blogs.  Should be fun!

1. I have lived all over the world, including Germany.
2. I was a top ranked video game player when I was 16. I sure am a nerd! :)
3. I wrestled for 7 years.
4. My favorite color is Green.
5. I use to think my career was going to be a magician.
6. I was denied entry into the Air Force for being too skinny.
7. I have broken both of my wrists within 6 months of each other!

Now, onto the tagging!
Earn Your Donuts
Long May You Run
For The Love of The Run
Watch MeGo Run
There Are Two Sides
Run With Jill
Geeks in Running Shoes
DC Rainmaker

If you haven't checked a blog on this list out, I would!  They are all very good, and informative.  I really like Geeks in Running Shoes, but maybe that is because of my inner geek!

Some Updates:
My knee is still bothering me, and worse now.  I haven't ran since Thursday but it still becomes sore when I don't move it for extended periods of time (such as sleep).  I plan on sucking it up and going to visit the doctor because I think I may have torn my meniscus, according to the internet.  Lets hope the internet is wrong!  If anything that will just give me more time to write on here, and also to work on my upper body/core strength!  Because honestly, given the choice between running and other workouts, I choose running every time.  Its time to give the other workouts some love too!  I did some push-ups today and my arms felt it.  I definitely need this...

Football Rant:
If you are a football fan like myself, you will know today was a crazy day in football!  The packers finally fell, and to the Chiefs of all teams!  No offence if you are a Chiefs fan, but they are sub-par this year.  That was a magnificent upset, take THAT Green Bay muhaha!  Also a shout out to the Colts for getting their first win of the season, I was a little worried they would go without a win and that would be a shame.  The there is my team, the Broncos.  Tim Tebow has been making some huge news these days, so the Broncos v Patriots game was pretty hyped today!  Sadly it ended up with a loss for the Broncos, but at least the Raiders also lost keeping them in the lead.  Lets go Broncos, make the playoffs!  Well that ends my football rant!

Some Questions for You!
- What are some of your favorite blogs to read, running or otherwise?
- Favorite sports team?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Now to Focus on Running!

Finally done with finals! *happy dance*

Just finished my last one yesterday afternoon.  Then I packed up and drove home and had a good long sleep.  I never realize how sleepy stress makes you until it wears off.  I am super excited because this gives me the next five or so weeks to focus solely on running, fitness, and being well!

I had a realization as I slowly ran today.  We had absolutely no rain this summer when it was over 110 almost everyday, and now we have had nonstop rain for the past 2 weeks.  I am not complaining, because I love the rain.  In fact, I even go to rainy mood when listening to music or studying!  But I would have loved it more if it were to have come to cool us off over the summer.  But the good news is, it looks like we shouldn't shrivel up like we originally thought was going to happen over the next 5 years.  

Now onto my run!  It was a simple 2 mile run, back on the path I ran over the summer.  To summarize it, it is a flat path out and back. Flat, in Texas? Crazy I know!  But it was a pretty peaceful run.  It was like all the stress of the last 4 months were washed away and I was a new runner!  Sadly, it didn't wash away that nagging in my knee.  I did stretch before it this time, and it made it so I went all 2 miles without having to stop, but it did creep up late in the run.  I am going to the chiropractor after this weekend though!  Overall was a pretty slow pace because I did the 2 miles in a little less than 20 minutes, but I shouldn't complain, at least I was able to get out there and run!

I won't be able to blog this weekend though, which is both good and bad.  Bad because I really want to put some more time into this blog over the break but good because I am going to go see my cousin graduate from college!  I always find it inspiring to see someone accomplish something you are also striving for.  Its like they are telling you that it IS possible, even if not directly.  So I should be back on Monday and ready to write!  Something else I have noticed is the lack of pictures on my blog.  I am not a great photographer, in fact the only camera I own is on my phone, but I think I am going to try and take some more pictures to make this more than a wall of text for everyone.

But to break the monotony of this text, here is some music!  The artists name is Ellie Goulding, and I think her music is pretty catchy!

Until next time, have a safe weekend, and happy running!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Final Countdown

Life, always getting in the way am I right?

Still here, still running, still trudging through finals week.  We have all been here at one point or another.  Whether it is High School finals or College finals they all suck.  My one complaint about College finals would be the fact that I had two finals on Saturday, which threw off my long run for the week.  Darn integration and graph theory...

Anyways, this is more of a short post saying that I am in fact not disappearing like last time (ohhh 2 months or so).  Instead I am putting all of my energy into getting those A's I talked about in the last post.  I am so so close...48 hours until sweet sweet freedom!  I do hope to get in another 3 miler tomorrow though.  It looks like the rain is finally clearing up!  And it was a fantastic 60 degrees today!

And thanks to Another Mile for the tag back!  I will have to play the game as soon as I am back at home this Wednesday :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


We don't have snow, but its cold!

It is officially that time of year again!  Finals are quickly approaching, the winter cold is finally setting in (hey, 40 is cold here in Texas!) and the annual Polar Plunge is this Thursday!  This is going to be one heck of a busy week.  Then I throw in the first week of marathon training and it become chaos!  Although, I guess I can't fully call it chaos because I will be able to handle it... I hope!

I am just going to talk a little bit about my run today though.  It was on a treadmill sadly, but it was for the best! Or so I tell myself.  It was beneficial for two reasons.  The first is that I was able to avoid the chilly weather, and the other was that I was able to force myself to go at a nice easy pace to keep my knee from pinching and me grimacing.  It was a 3 mile run like the training plan called for, and it took roughly 30 minutes to run to make sure I took it easy!

Wednesday and Thursday will also be 3 mile runs with a 6 mile on Saturday.  I really hope that my knee is all good to go this Saturday.  It will feel good to run after my second Final!  But before Saturday, there is another challenge.  Will I accept this challenge? Probably.  There is a T-Shirt involved.  So yeah, I am totally jumping into the freezing water!  I will defiantly take a picture of the event and said T-Shirt.  And if I plan it right, I can finish my run and jump in to ice my leg that way!

I hope that running and the Polar Plunge will help relieve some stress until next Wednesday, then I will be free!  Wish me luck, starting Friday is the longest week ever.  I hope to be getting tons of these (6 to be exact)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Muddy Fun Run

This week had gone by in a blur, so I figured I would wait until the end of my running week to talk about it all at once.  A quick breakdown of the week would be as follows:

Tuesday - 3 mile run
Wednesday - 2 mile run
Saturday - 2.8 mile run

Far from spectacular, but that is about 7.8 miles more than I have done in the past 2 months!  Although I did vary from my original plan which would have been 3 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  The reason for this variation is that my right knee acts up when I start to run again after a long break.  I am starting to think that it is because of the years I Wrestled, because that was the knee that would get slammed into the mat more often than not.  But from what I remember this summer, as long as I take it easy and run until it bothers me then stop for the day, then I should be okay in a couple weeks.  That is good news because that means I will be healthy for the rest of the marathon training that I will be doing starting next week!  This time I swear I am going to stick to it too, for real.

Back to this title of this post though!  It has been raining non-stop for the past 3 days and my campus does NOT drain well.  And if you know my thoughts on the treadmill, then you know I was really sad to think I would have to visit it again.

Luckily the rain let up!  I was able to run outside with no rain! Yippee! The only downside (upside if you like this I guess) was that the trail I run on campus was thick and muddy.  I thought I avoided getting muddy by not running the warrior dash, but it seems I was meant to be muddy anyways! So in preparation, I dug out my old shoes from a couple years ago that I didn't completely run into the ground and used those.  I felt great running outside in the cool mist though, and I was sad I had to stop .2 miles short of 3 because my knee started to pinch sharply.  While I was running though I started to wonder about others and how they deal with weather, so I thought of a couple of questions:

Do you have backup weather gear?
What is the worst conditions you have purposely ran in?