Thursday, June 30, 2011

Race Day!

Today was my first race in 2011, and in quite a while actually.  It was a really great experience!  There were 200 people (really convenient right?)  who ran today so I got a real race experience!  I think that it was the perfect number of runners to get into the racing grove.  I learned a lot, got my first bib(number 540) and raced hard in the heat.

We lined up and started at 7:30, it was still about 95 outside and the sun was still up and beating on us.  Luckily the course was flat, but it was windy almost the entire way though, and not pushing sadly.
Starting Line (in in the middle with the green shirt)

We did a couple loops and 2 out and back to complete the entire 5k, so I was able to pass by my family and girlfriend twice and they helped me keep pace and finish strong!
The first pass keeping a steady pace

Sprinting to the finish line the second pass
Race Results:
I ended up getting right around the time I projected to get, 24:25.  I think I ran a pretty good race, coming in 9th in my age group and 31st overall!  Not bad for 3-4 weeks of running again!
Picture of the time clock when I finished

Then of course I had to take a picture with my lovely girlfriend to commemorate the first of many, many, many races to come :)

The lovely girlfriend and sweaty me
Back to Training
I took Wednesday off to make sure I had fresh legs for the race, but Saturday is another 3 miler followed by a 5 on Sunday.  Only 11 more days until I start my marathon training!

Well that is all for the night, hope everyone had a wonderful end of June.  Until next time,



  1. Nice job! Especially in that kind of heat.

  2. Not bad at all for only a few weeks of running! Congrats on a strong finish.

  3. Great time, I would fall over dead running in that heat.

  4. I thought I was going to the first day I ran in this heat, I think I am finally getting use to it, well as use to it as possible