Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's Hot Hot Hot!

Wow, do I dislike running in the afternoon right now.  I wish I could have run this evening instead, but because I work tonight I had to get it done before I head out.  I will say that 94 is great lounging summer weather, but when it comes to running...yeah it is no fun at all.  I figure it will just be good practice to mentally push through as long as I stay hydrated.

I ended up running the first 3.5 miles then I had to stop and walk for a little bit to regroup and drink some water, then I sort of alternated between walking/running for the last 1.5 miles.  Although I wish I could have gone the whole 5 miles without stopping to walk, I figure it was better to stop and walk for a few instead of passing out on the side of the street.  But, I did go all 5 miles so I was happy to accomplish that today.

In other news I will be able to run the Firecracker 5k Evening Run which I was hoping for.  I just registered for it today because I was able to confirm I would not be working that evening, yay!  So I will be able to post race results and pictures this Thursday, which will make me feel like a REAL running blogger.

Well that is all I have for today, its a little shorter of a post than I would like, so maybe tonight after work I will write a little more, or tomorrow.  I don't know for sure, but it will keep you on your toes right?



  1. Stopping to walk for a bit can actually be a good thing. When you get into a groove while running it's easy to miss little things your body's trying to tell you that could be important. So I usually stop every 2 miles or so and walk a bit while doing sort of a mental check on my body. Sometimes its not until I stop that I realize how badly I need a drink.

  2. Yeah that is kind of how I felt, once I stopped to take a drink I realized how hot I was getting so I decided to take it a little easier from then on