Monday, June 27, 2011

Race Week!

This week is my first race in quite a while, and it also marks the first race I will be competing in on this blog!  I think it is quite exciting, and I will be able to use it as a benchmark for my training pace when I start my actual marathon training schedule on July 11th.  Like I said in a previous post, it will be a night run on a pretty flat course so I should have a pretty good time.  I am currently aiming for getting right around 21 minutes, but if the conditions are good I might be able to push a little harder and get close to the 20 min mark.

This is what ill look like at the end, hopefully!
Today's Run:
For the last few weeks I have be running 3-4 days a week, with Monday, Wednesday and Friday being rest days.  I decided that I wanted to run more this week so I changed it to Monday/Wednesday shorter runs but with more speed, and I kept Friday as my dedicated rest day during the week.

That means that today I ran 2 miles in a time of 14:42.  I glanced at my watch when I finished the first mile and saw that I did it in about 8:00 so I picked up the speed until I was going as fast as I felt I could sustain and held that for the last 800m, and I ended up doing the second mile in about 6:42.  I thought that was a good run for a quick 2 miler.  Tomorrow I will be running 3 miles again but at a comfortable pace to make sure I run the entire distance.

Thought For The Day:
So I have been thinking about something recently.  Is living a life with goals the best way to achieve what we aim for?  Is the best way to get somewhere in life to set obtainable goals, then increase them?

I think for me this is a good way to stay motivated, because setting a goal like "run a 5k in 15 minutes" is harder to work for, but saying "run a 5k in 21 minutes" then once I get that I am for 20 and so on is much more achievable and I am able to say I have accomplished goals I have set.

Questions for the Reader!
- What goals do you currently have?
- When is your next race?
- What is a tradition of yours on race day?

Until tomorrow, happy and safe running!



  1. Nice blog, Brett!


    1. Under 6:00 mile or at least 6:43 (new PR) -- I'm having a great summer of running but I just get up in the morning and run, I haven't gotten in the track work that I would probably need.

    2. Under 23:00-minute 5K. I've got probably 5 more shots at this this year, but my best chance is a Jingle Bell 5K in December. I'm faster in the cold. My "settle for" goal would be 23:43 -- new PR.

    3. Philly Marathon in November -- I don't really have a specific goal for this. My first marathon, Shamrock in VA Beach, didn't go so hot. I hadn't gotten in my 20-milers due to injury, and I completely died at around mile 21, had to run/walk for like 4 miles, and finished in 4:58 something. I don't care how fast my time actually is, but my goal is to just be able to run the whole thing this time. (I will walk my water stations and probably plan some sort of walking breaks). With that, and better pacing in the middle of the race (got going too fast at miles 6-16 when I felt great), I think actually will cut a pretty big chunk of time off my PR.

    4. Do a turkey trot. Never done one. I'll be deadlegged from the marathon and it'll probably be a PW, but I still think it will be fun. I do usually run on Thanksgiving, just never in a race.

    Next race

    Harrisburg Mile on July 20. Part of the fun of this race is that it's a complete change from every other run or race that I do all year.

    Race day tradition

    "Earning Your Donuts". My wife and I go for iced coffee and donuts after the race. (Usually after our weekend long runs, too.)

  2. Nice! Those are a lot of goals, but it seems like you will be able to achieve them! if not under 6:00 for the Harrisburg Mile, I bet you will at least get a new PR with all the training you have been doing, and the race excitement!

    And that sounds like a great tradition! I will need to find one of my own :)

  3. Good luck on your upcoming race!

    My current goal is to get to my first marathon injury free! (also in November)

    The next race I have coming up is a 4th of July Midnight 10k Run (a mere 36 hours after my first planned 20 miler!).

    I guess I have a post-race tradition of eating out- the longer the race the bigger the meal!!