Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Upping The Mileage!

I missed my long run sadly :( I was feeling really weak Saturday evening and it followed me through to Sunday. I figured that I have ran the past 2 1/2 weeks at 2 miles during the week and 4 on Sunday, so I decided to up the mileage this week. Its not much variation because I am just gradually increasing mileage until I start my 18 week marathon training schedule to make sure I am in good shape before tackling it. So for the rest of the week it is 3 mile runs, then Sunday ends it with a 5 miler.
And, if all goes according to plan, Thursday June 30th I will be running a 5k (assuming I don't get scheduled for work!)


  1. I always feel great after I up my mileage, even a mile or two. Such a great sense of accomplishment!

  2. I agree! It always feels so hard while doing it, but then three weeks later it becomes no big deal!