Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dress Rehearsal

2 Days Until Race:
Today was a great training run!  I decided to run at 7:30 this evening, a bit earlier than I have been lately, because I thought it would be a good idea to run at the same time my race will be at!  It was defiantly a different feeling running in that heat with the sun a little lower but still baking me.  I decided to run the first mile at a pretty comfortable pace and then I picked it up a tad bit the second mile, then for the last 800m I picked up to as fast as I could sustain.  That seems to be the way I want to run my races, with a negative split, so I figure trying it in my training would help me mentally prepare for it.

Based on my time (23:20) I will be aiming for running under 24:00.  I know I will be able to break 20:00 this year on a 5k, but I have a feeling it wont be in the summer because of the heat.

In Other News:
I went and picked up a new running tank top today because I found my other shirt felt like they were choking me  while I was running, so I figured I would get something a little looser so I could breathe.  I also picked up a new water bottle that had a nice "handle" on it so it will slip onto my hand so I don't have to focus on holding it while I'm running!  

Had a funny conversation with my mom and sister this evening a little while before my run.  A little background information first so it makes more sense.  My sister is just starting High School this next year, she does cheer and runs track but she REFUSES to run longer distances or run with me.  My mom does CrossFit here in Seguin, but hates to run.  So my mom said she wasn't going to go to CrossFit today because they were basing the workout around a mile run.

Sister:  Mom! Ill go to CrossFit today if you run!
Mom: No way! I hate running, why don't you go run with your brother?
*Sister thinks for a second*
Sister: Nah, he will challenge me.  I don't like being challenged.

I thought it was pretty funny, but I would understand if you didn't :)

I kind of like asking questions to see what other think, and to get to know my readers better!

- When did you first start to run? Why?
- Would you say you are competitive?

Well, ill be running another easy 2 miles tomorrow so I will blog tomorrow.  Maybe I will have some existential thought and write about it, but most likely I will just write about my run and day!  Until then, happy running!



  1. Hey Brett, nice blog. I'm glad you like the Kinvaras as well, they have definitely been a game changer for me. Good luck with your race and your marathon training.

  2. Good idea on the dry run. I always intend to do things like this, but then rarely does my simulation work out as well as I'd hoped!

    I started running in late summer, 2006. I very slowly and inefficiently trained for my first 5K, finally signing up for one in April 2007. I started as a challenge. I'd been walking a lot to lose a little weight and I thought this would be a good next step. I was probably wrong about that, because I just use it as an excuse to eat more. But at least races are fun.

    I would say I'm competitive, but only against myself. I'm thrilled in the rare event that I win a medal, but I don't really care who I beat or who I don't beat or how long it took someone else to run a race. It's the same finish line for everybody.