Sunday, July 3, 2011

Runner vs. Running

Today sure was an uphill battle.  Heat, humidity, shoes coming untied, did I mention humidity?  Somehow I was still able to finish though, even though it wasn't as I wanted.  Oh well, not everyday can be perfect!  I am just glad I had such a strong week of running!

Week in Review
I started running this week on Monday like usual but I had a goal to run 6 days.  I had a steady increase in mileage and I was able to run my first 5k.  And then I was able to finish off the week with a 5 miler.

Total Mileage: 20
Races: 1
PR's: 1

looking at the numbers I feel great about this week!  I hope everyone else also had a great week with new accomplishments whether in running or the rest of life!

Next Week
I am already looking forward to running tomorrow!  I have 4 days in a row planned (2,3,2,3 miles) with a much needed rest day on Friday.  I am thinking an easy 2 miler Monday, 3 mile run Tuesday, 2 mile speed Wednesday, and 3 mile pace on Thursday.  Something like that to keep it fresh.

- What are your running goals for next week?
- Minimalist or not?

- Brett


  1. Good job on the mileage in this heat. My running goals involve moving somewhere that isn't so humid at 6 a.m. in the morning. Delightful!

  2. Goals this week: I'm going to probably take it a little easy this week because it doesn't look like there'll be a single day where there's less heat and humidity.

    Minimalist? No way. I'm much too risk-averse to make that big a change.

  3. T-Bone- Try Colorado. Its a great place to run, no humidity ever it seems.

    Brian- Good call, its always best to take it easy in the heat. I switched to semi-minimalist with my Kinvaras I think. They are not quite vibrams but its a lot less shoe than I use to run with. My old shoes actually hurt my knees for some reason.

  4. Goals this week: Race today- check, train during the week, around 22-25 miles...

    I probably could go to minimalist, just haven't had the guts yet...I already am a forefoot runner, so they'd probably be good for me...

  5. Great training, well done! My goal for the week is to run 6 days for a total of 80km (50 miles). I'm a shoe runner and will always be. No minimalist or barefoot for me thanks.

  6. This week 40 miles with a 19 mile long run on Saturday. Not a true minimalist - I'll be running in Nike Frees, Brooks Green Silence and the New Balance MT101. Plus 9 x 400 at mile pace on Wednesday (bleh!)