Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dead Legs Don't Run

A few days back I wrote a post comparing running with and without music.  Even though I came to the conclusion that I would rather run without music, I still enjoy it.  So I figure I would share what I am currently listening to with you all!

Yup, great song.

Today's Run:
It was rough.  My legs didn't feel like moving.  They were heavy when I started and stayed that way for about a mile.  I think it was because I had the 5k Thursday and ran 4 miles yesterday when I should have ran less or rested.  Oh well, I guess its just a lesson I will have to remember!  Once I got to the 2 mile point I was still moving slow and my legs didn't feel fresh at all, but I pushed on and ran the entire 3 miles without stopping.  Somehow I managed an 8:22 pace even though I felt a lot slower than that.  I was honestly just happy I was able to go the entire time! 3 weeks ago I would have quit and walked home.

I still plan to do my long run of 5 miles tomorrow, and then back to 2 on Monday.  This way I can stay on point for running 100 miles in July.  Staring on the 11th I will be starting my actual training plan for the marathon so it will be easier to follow along with my training, and kick me in the butt if I don't follow it.

I am still looking for a local 5k to run this month as well.  I think I may have found one on the 30th, but I need to look into it more.  

Questions for You:
- What song is currently stuck in your head?
- When do you feel most accomplished after a run?
- Do you use others training programs or do you create your own?

Now to get ready for the rest of my day(a.k.a work).  Should be fun standing for about 8 hours...have a great rest of the day!



  1. I like music for my runs...Be Somebody by Kings of Leon is in my head...

    I feel most accomplished when I've kicked the butt of an interval workout...

    I use the Runner's World SmartCoach training program.

  2. I have a playlist that I use (no shuffling! exact same order) every time I run. The song you posted is on it and it usually plays around mile 6. I have a vast mix of music- Prince, Cake, Dramaramas, Eminem, LL Cool J, Johnny Cash and some contemporary Christian artists are all mixed together in there...

    ...most accomplished? Negative splits!

    I used Hal Higdon's program but I used the novice program. I was torn about moving up to an intermediate program but I just varied my runs (tempo, interval, recovery, etc) instead.

  3. Matt- That a good song, I really enjoy it! I bet, I haven't tried an interval workout yet but I can imagine they get rough towards the end. And the one on their site or do you have it for the iPhone?

    Valiant- Since you use it in the same order do you pick up your pace on certain songs? Yay for negative splits! I felt the same way about the novice program, and I didn't want to leave it up to me what type of run so I just decided to go with intermediate :)

  4. I love that cake song! It's a classic! Dead legs are the worst.

    1. song that's currently stuck in my head - hello by martin solveig (it's so poppy, it's infectious)

    2. I feel most accomplished if I push myself and feel awesome after, despite going hard.

    3. I hate training plans, I'm too ADD to stick to one. I'll loosely follow one, but perfer to do my own thing.

  5. Yes- I can never start with a very up-tempo song. My "fight song" is always 3rd after I'm good an warmed up. I have ridiculous songs in the middle (like mile 8 or so) when I need to be amused and distracted. (One favorite for that is "It's Raining Men") I tend to pick up the pace and do a little interval running to a couple of songs early in the playlist- I speed up during the chorus. I guess I sort of programmed myself...