Friday, July 8, 2011

Late Night Post

Tonight is a pretty late post, even by my standards!  Slept in today, went for a mid day run, went to my girlfriends house then went to see a movie, and now I am back and blogging!  This early morning I though I would start off with a song that I really enjoy, and I think everyone in the world should hear!

It is a little long, but if you just turn it on and listen to it while doing other stuff I do think you will enjoy it!

Today's Run
I went for another 3 mile run today, but I did a little different of a route.  When I finished my 3 miles I was still a mile away from my house, so I took a leisurely stroll back.  It was a nice change of pace and a great cool down!  I was able to see that part of the neighborhood differently than when I am running by at more than twice that speed.  I was able to soak in the sun and hear the birds chirping, so in other words it was really nice.

Only 2 more days before I start the real training so I am excited to see what that has in store for me!  I think it will surely make the blog a lot more interesting to read!

Blog Update
I now have 13 followers! Woo hoo!  I thank all of you for subscribing and following along with me so far, and I hope that you continue to follow for many many more posts!  Hopefully I will also have more followers as I progress, and I think that once I get 50 I might hold a contest!  If I get to 50 and you notice and I don't mention anything about a contest, let me know so I can get on that.  I really do appreciate all of you though, so thank you!

This is a little shorter of a post because I am falling asleep at the keyboard, so I will probably end it here.  Have a great Saturday everyone, and I will probably post again later this afternoon!


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  1. In response to seeing more of your neighborhood... that's how us slower runners roll! :P

    Can't wait to start reading about your marathon journey!