Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quick Post Before Work

Decided to run 4 miles instead of 3 today because I missed (a.k.a skipped) my night run last night.  Nice and hot as usual, pretty much the same old story.  I have noticed I have become more comfortable running in the heat though so that is good.

Ran at a respectable 8:44 pace, not nearly as fast as my earlier 4 mile run this week.  I wanted to take it slower to see if I felt more energized at the end, but amazing I felt the same as I did on Tuesday so I don't know if it because I was on point then, or maybe I use the same amount of energy at a quicker pace.  Who knows, I will have to test this theory out for sure!

I watched this before I ran today, because I needed to get a little inspired, and what better way than to watch some of the fastest runners in the world?  It was that last little boost I needed to get my bum out the door. 

- Whats your favorite weather to run in? Indoors or outdoors runner?
- Who/what inspires you?



  1. I absolutely love Scott Jurek, probably because although he's faster than I am (who isn't?), that's not his concentration. He enjoys running in it's purest form and that's inspiring.

  2. 1. Cold/cool weather -- 25 to 50ish degrees. I think part of the reason I have trouble with the heat is that over the past two winters I've super-acclimated myself to the cold. I think I only wore long pants to run twice all last winter, and I remember one of those days was a day where it was 12 degrees with a wind chill feeling like 6 degrees.

    When I started mostly running, it was indoors on a college's indoor track. It was nice but completely drudgery. It would be awesome for speedwork, though. And no treadmills. I absolutely loathe the treadmill and I can't do more than 30 minutes on our cheap one and even more than 45 minutes on a nice hotel or gym drives me nuts.

    2. Too long a list, but make sure you watch "Spirit of the Marathon". Also, for me, all the marathoners who where running with me when I did the last 7 miles of the baltimore marathon as part of a relay team. they looked better than me, and that shamed me into deciding to try one.