Friday, July 1, 2011

Goals for July

Since it is July 1st, I figure I would set some goals for myself to achieve!  This is going to be a pretty short post, just some bullet points

July 2011 Goals:

  • Reduce my mile time to at least 6:30 (current 6:47)
  • Run a total of 100+ miles
  • Stay healthy
  • Run another 5k
Its not to long of a list, but I think there is a lot that I have to achieve this month!  I hope I can get them all, but if I only get one I hope its staying healthy.

Today's Training:
I ran a race pace mile to start the workout so I would have a benchmark mile to beat this upcoming month.  After I finished it I took a 30 second breather and did a comfortable jog for another three miles over 27:15.  It was a good run, still quite hot and humid even though it was a bit cooler than usual.  That's actually the reason I ran.  I was planning on resting but I was afraid I would miss out on a good run with this weather.   

What are your goals for July?



  1. HOly F! You are a fast runner. My 1 mile time is your 2 mile time. wow...

  2. Good luck with your July goals, they seem very obtainable so stay focused :). I'm all in for the Stay Healthy part - yay!!

  3. Amanda- Thanks! But I bet you have improved your mile time since the first time you ran and that's all that matters! The scary thing is I still have a lot to do to get to the point I want.

    Jill- Thanks for the encouragement! I hope to get them all, but I have had a past with knee injury but they have felt great for the past few weeks (knock on wood)

  4. Goals for July:

    1. Stay healthy
    2. 100 miles (June was my first month back from Achilles Tendinitis and I ran 81)
    3. PR in Mt. Shasta on the 4th.
    4. Do a mile time trial

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