Saturday, December 3, 2011

Muddy Fun Run

This week had gone by in a blur, so I figured I would wait until the end of my running week to talk about it all at once.  A quick breakdown of the week would be as follows:

Tuesday - 3 mile run
Wednesday - 2 mile run
Saturday - 2.8 mile run

Far from spectacular, but that is about 7.8 miles more than I have done in the past 2 months!  Although I did vary from my original plan which would have been 3 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  The reason for this variation is that my right knee acts up when I start to run again after a long break.  I am starting to think that it is because of the years I Wrestled, because that was the knee that would get slammed into the mat more often than not.  But from what I remember this summer, as long as I take it easy and run until it bothers me then stop for the day, then I should be okay in a couple weeks.  That is good news because that means I will be healthy for the rest of the marathon training that I will be doing starting next week!  This time I swear I am going to stick to it too, for real.

Back to this title of this post though!  It has been raining non-stop for the past 3 days and my campus does NOT drain well.  And if you know my thoughts on the treadmill, then you know I was really sad to think I would have to visit it again.

Luckily the rain let up!  I was able to run outside with no rain! Yippee! The only downside (upside if you like this I guess) was that the trail I run on campus was thick and muddy.  I thought I avoided getting muddy by not running the warrior dash, but it seems I was meant to be muddy anyways! So in preparation, I dug out my old shoes from a couple years ago that I didn't completely run into the ground and used those.  I felt great running outside in the cool mist though, and I was sad I had to stop .2 miles short of 3 because my knee started to pinch sharply.  While I was running though I started to wonder about others and how they deal with weather, so I thought of a couple of questions:

Do you have backup weather gear?
What is the worst conditions you have purposely ran in?


  1. Great running week!! Hope the knee calms down...

    I have separate shoes I wear when I know I'm going to be getting dirty (trail runs, mud, etc), but other than that I wear my normal stuff. I have faith in my washing machine.

    I've run in some scary thunderstorms in Fla (not on purpose, they kind of happen suddenly) and here in NC I've run in 20 degrees and snow. That counts, right? You definitely have to dress right or else you're miserable!!

  2. Ahh yes, snow running is quite "fun" haha!

  3. Rain is what keeps me indoors. If it's misting, I'll go out, but if it's raining hard I'll put off till another day. In the summer, I'll continue if I'm in the midst of a run and it starts raining, but thunder or cold rain in the winter will send me back to my car.

    Worst weather I've ever had purposefully run in was a torrential downpour for a two-mile race I signed up for in Harrisburg, PA. I got there and asked "You're not still having this thing, right?" "Yup, we sure are!" It was fun and everyone had fun with it, but I'm glad it was just 2 miles.

  4. Yeah, I bet the 2 miler was pretty fun, I can't imagine a 10k or more though, that would have just been miserable!

  5. I have run in everything on purpose; rain; pouring rain, snow, blizzard, 10 degrees, sunny, 90 degrees, you name it, I've run in it.

  6. I run in all types of weather. In NW Ohio we have no choice but to do so if we want to run outside. I start marathon training in 2 weeks and I am already thinking of the rain, sleet, snow and ice I will run in for 4 months!

  7. @Jeff - Sounds like a lot of fun, if you enjoy it do it!

    @Amanda - Oh no! I hope you have the right gear to do it! Stay safe :)