Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tagging, Updates, and Football Oh My!

To start off I was tagged in a previous bloggers post, and I said I would do it as well.  Well I am keeping my word so here it is!  The rules are I post 7 random facts about myself, then I tag 7 other blogs.  Should be fun!

1. I have lived all over the world, including Germany.
2. I was a top ranked video game player when I was 16. I sure am a nerd! :)
3. I wrestled for 7 years.
4. My favorite color is Green.
5. I use to think my career was going to be a magician.
6. I was denied entry into the Air Force for being too skinny.
7. I have broken both of my wrists within 6 months of each other!

Now, onto the tagging!
Earn Your Donuts
Long May You Run
For The Love of The Run
Watch MeGo Run
There Are Two Sides
Run With Jill
Geeks in Running Shoes
DC Rainmaker

If you haven't checked a blog on this list out, I would!  They are all very good, and informative.  I really like Geeks in Running Shoes, but maybe that is because of my inner geek!

Some Updates:
My knee is still bothering me, and worse now.  I haven't ran since Thursday but it still becomes sore when I don't move it for extended periods of time (such as sleep).  I plan on sucking it up and going to visit the doctor because I think I may have torn my meniscus, according to the internet.  Lets hope the internet is wrong!  If anything that will just give me more time to write on here, and also to work on my upper body/core strength!  Because honestly, given the choice between running and other workouts, I choose running every time.  Its time to give the other workouts some love too!  I did some push-ups today and my arms felt it.  I definitely need this...

Football Rant:
If you are a football fan like myself, you will know today was a crazy day in football!  The packers finally fell, and to the Chiefs of all teams!  No offence if you are a Chiefs fan, but they are sub-par this year.  That was a magnificent upset, take THAT Green Bay muhaha!  Also a shout out to the Colts for getting their first win of the season, I was a little worried they would go without a win and that would be a shame.  The there is my team, the Broncos.  Tim Tebow has been making some huge news these days, so the Broncos v Patriots game was pretty hyped today!  Sadly it ended up with a loss for the Broncos, but at least the Raiders also lost keeping them in the lead.  Lets go Broncos, make the playoffs!  Well that ends my football rant!

Some Questions for You!
- What are some of your favorite blogs to read, running or otherwise?
- Favorite sports team?


  1. Just want to say hi to a fellow geek and runner!Stumbled upon your blog through another.
    Sorry about your Broncos. A loss is a humbling thing. At least they still have a chance at the playoffs. Even though my Pats won, I think their defense will do then in the playoffs.

    Hope your knee gets better.

  2. 1. Too many to even begin to mention. I waste far too much time on running and sports blogs every day.

    2. Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Orioles, which are both frustrating in completely different ways.

    Good luck with the knee -- don't put off seeing the Dr.!

  3. Oh yay, lucky me :).
    Living in Denver, you can't go more than 10 seconds without hearing about Tebow - it is so obnoxious!! I am not surprised they lost, Denver seems to do that whenever they start doing well.

    Bummer about the AF! I bet you're glad your not in Iraq not at least!

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