Monday, December 12, 2011

Final Countdown

Life, always getting in the way am I right?

Still here, still running, still trudging through finals week.  We have all been here at one point or another.  Whether it is High School finals or College finals they all suck.  My one complaint about College finals would be the fact that I had two finals on Saturday, which threw off my long run for the week.  Darn integration and graph theory...

Anyways, this is more of a short post saying that I am in fact not disappearing like last time (ohhh 2 months or so).  Instead I am putting all of my energy into getting those A's I talked about in the last post.  I am so so close...48 hours until sweet sweet freedom!  I do hope to get in another 3 miler tomorrow though.  It looks like the rain is finally clearing up!  And it was a fantastic 60 degrees today!

And thanks to Another Mile for the tag back!  I will have to play the game as soon as I am back at home this Wednesday :)


  1. Woohoo, you're almost to the end! Stay focused and good luck with the rest of the finals!

  2. Good luck on finals! I think it's tough to get in a good running groove while in college with varying business levels and so many distractions. You're doing well to get in those three milers when you can!

    And I had "The Final Countdown" on cassette!

  3. Ugh! Finals suck enough, but to have them on Saturday is exponentially suckier. Good luck!

  4. @Jill -Thanks!

    @Brian - Thanks for the encouragement! I love that song, I wouldn't mind having it on cassette, it would still work in my car :)

    @Danielle- For real, I want to know whos idea it was...