Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Late Night Posting!

I have been neglecting the blog, and I feel terrible about it!  I really want to find and set a time to blog, even if its only 3 times a week.  I do want it to be consistent though.  Sadly I probably won't have to much running goodies to post about, but I will talk about training while going to school full time and having a (sort-of) job.  The one class I am taking this semester that is even slightly related to running is Contemporary Wellness, so maybe I will learn some cool health facts to improve my running.

In other news, I finally "fully" moved into my dorm, in other words I was able to put all my clothes away and get clean and organized.  But outside of that, its been insanely hot this week (105+ everyday) so I haven't ran as much.  But in order to fix that I am wearing my running shorts to bed so when my alarm goes off tomorrow I have no reason not to hop out of bed and strap on my shoes!

I really need to get out there.  I feel so off not running, it helps me clear my head and get my day going.  With as much math and analysis as I am doing, I really can't afford being off.  Well, this is a short post, but at least I was able to hop on tonight(this morning?).  And I am officially posting that I am running in 7 hours!


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