Sunday, November 27, 2011


I had made up my mind over the last few days that this time around, I would run just to run.  No schedule, no races, just running however long I felt that day.  Why would I do this you might ask?  Because I feel like that is where I fell through these last few months.  I would notice I didn't have time to run x miles one day, and I would feel discouraged and wouldn't run at all and thus, I became a couch potato.  So this time, I would run as often as possible, however far I could in the time I had!

Of course, that won't work...

I walked into my room today, and was promptly asked by one of my roommates and his girlfriend if I was going to run the Big D marathon in April with them.  Of course I can't say no, because I already bailed on them doing the warrior dash last weekend.  So now I am back in the training grind, this time for good.  I know I will have more than enough time to run this next semester, because I scheduled it to give me more time between classes.  So now I have a new countdown clock, 140 days, and my first marathon.

Today's Run
I ran a solid 2.5 miles today, mostly into wind.  Its odd, even though I am coming back from a lengthy break I have started better than I ever have before.  Usually with wind I move pretty slow, but today I was cutting through it and it felt great!  My face became slightly numb, but hey, its defrosted now and I can feel it so no trip to the emergency room!

So there you have it, another marathon in sights, maybe this time I will be able to do it!


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